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Celebrating Together: Kosovo and Albania in the most amicable of friendlies

Today, the Albanian national team visit Kosovo for what will surely be the most amiable of all the international friendlies being played over the next few days. Posters advertising the game in Pristina carry the slogan ‘Festojme se Bashku’ – We Celebrate Together. The game is being promoted as an opportunity for ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, who make up over 90% of the unilaterally declared republic’s population, to celebrate what is becoming a halcyon age for Albanian football. However, with the Kosovar Football Federation expecting recognition from FIFA and UEFA in March and the complex fluidity of nationality in the 21st century, especially in regard to footballers, how long will these two nations continue to celebrate together?

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Red Star and the land of great knights |

JACK ROBINSON recently visited the disputed region of Kosovo and examined the continuing relationship between Serbian football supporter groups and the spreading of nationalist ideology.